Compression Wear

Whether you're a professional weight lifter or athlete or just your average Joe trying to stay fit, compression wear has many benefits. Olympians often wear compression wear to reduce injury and help give them an edge. Compression wear puts pressure on the body and muscles to relieve pain and stabilize joints. They're great both during and post workout to help reduce your heart rate and lactic acid buildup.

Short Sleeve Compression Crew Top
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Pain Relief - Compression wear such as shirts and pants can help reduce the pain and soreness in muscles following a workout. It can help to reduce swelling and strength loss so you can benefit most from your workout without suffering the aftereffects.

Stay Warm or Cool Off - Compression wear is often made of wicking material that can help keep your temperature down or can warm you up such as with Olympic skaters. It has been shown that compression wear helps keep muscles warm during a workout to reduce swelling and pain post workout.

Other Benefits - Compression garments also reduces the time muscles need to repair themselves and can improve venous return and oxygenation. They can also help prevent deep vein thrombosis and help people with poor circulation. There are so many benefits to compression shirts, pants and more that every athlete should have some.

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