Healthy Line Manufacturer's 365-day Warranty Coverage

This is a manufacturer's warranty. You Must contact Healthy Line Directly.

All of Healthy Line mats are carefully hand-made by highly qualified specialists. Every component is tested at different stages of the manufacturing process. After assembly, Healthy Line mats are tested for 35 points including EMF insolation, heat level, heating time, size, weight, packaging, quality of stones, number of layers, level of negative ions, infrared, and several other measurement tests. After being shipped from the factory to Healthy Line warehouse, Healthy Line tests the products again before shipping them out to customers. You may receive a box that appears to have been opened before. This is because Healthy Line checked the product and added additional printed materials and accessories.

Although Healthy Line produces extremely durable products with the lowest defect rate in the industry and triple-stage quality control, they still provide a hassle-free 365-day warranty coverage.

For your 365-day warranty coverage, You Must contact Healthy Line Direct as follows:

In order to return your mat, please follow these 3 steps:

1. Send an email to with your intent to return and your reason.

2. After receiving a reply with acknowledgment of the return please ship the product along with a note explaining the reason for the return to the address below:


925 Shepherd Ave,

Brooklyn, NY 11208

3. After you have shipped the unit, please wait until it is delivered to our warehouse and then email us your tracking number. Once the tracking confirms the delivery, we will process your refund immediately. Not providing the tracking information may cause your refund to be delayed.

4. Buyer assumes responsibility for shipping fees.