Max Muscle Gear

Max Muscle may be known for its extensive array of supplements for men and women, but they also have some of the best looking workout clothes and bodybuilding apparel available. T Michael is proud to offer their products because we know they are high quality and ideal for people in all stages of fitness. It doesn't matter if you're a bodybuilding veteran or workout amateur, Max Muscle Gear is for you.
Officially Licensed Merchandise - While many other sites might be offering Max Muscle lookalikes, T. Michael only offers workout clothes that are officially licensed and of the highest quality. Each of these Max Muscle T-shirts and tank tops will last you from workout to workout. Its brand is well known throughout the bodybuilding community and also well regarded.

More Than Supplements - Many people are familiar with Max Muscle through their high quality supplements such as the Cleanse and Lean and MaxxTOR, but its bodybuilding clothing is second to none. Each one features its well-known logo with the Mohawk and red glasses. Don't be caught dead at the gym with anything less than the best. You'll be the envy of the weight room with your Max Muscle tank tops and T-shirts.

Not Your Off-The-Rack Apparel - We at T. Michael know you want more than just a shirt or tank top. You want something that will get you through the hardest and fastest paced workouts available. It doesn't matter if you're lifting weights or doing hardcore cardio, Max Muscle clothing will stand the test of time. These clothes are known for their durability and quality or else Max Muscle wouldn't put its name on it.

T. Micheal is a leader in fitness clothing and with many different brands including Otomix and Zubaz.