Gold's Gym Apparel- Tanks, Sweatshirts, Shorts, and More.

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Gold's Gym is the "gold" standard when it comes to fitness both in the U.S. and around the world. First created in 1965 by Joe Gold, it has grown to more than 700 locations and is one of the most recognized brands in the fitness industry. T. Micheal is proud to offer a wide selection of officially licensed Gold's Gym apparel including bodybuilding sweatshirts, tank tops, shorts and more. All our products are 100% authentic direct from licensed manufacturers, if it is selling for a lower price than on T. Micheal Pro Shop, it may be counterfeit.
Gold's Gym Muscle Tee- GMA06TO
Gold's Gym "Old Joe" Stringer Tank Top- #ST-2
Gold's Gym Stringer Y-Back Tank Top- ST1
Gold's Gym Tank Top- #TT-290
Gold's Gym Classic Logo Ringer Tank Top- #RT- 1
Gold's Gym "Old Joe" Ringer Tank Top- #RT- 2
Gold's Gym Plate Tees- #BT-96
Gold's Gym Classic Gold's Gym Logo Tee- BT1
Gold's Gym Tees- #BT290C
Gold's Gym Sweatshirt- GMA03
Gold's Gym Classic Sweatshirt- G288
Gold's Gym Classic Sweatshirt- G290
Gold's Gym Basic Workout Short
Gold's Gym X-Treme DRI Contrast Short
Gold's Gym Performance Pant- GGB27
Gold's Gym Double Striped Pants- Style GGXDK
Gold's Gym Baggy Pants- # GGBP
Gold's Gym Sweatpants
Gold's Gym Sweatshirt Size Chart
Top Quality - T. Micheal only offers officially licensed Gold's Gym apparel. Too many companies purchase inferior copies from China that lack proper sizing and construction. While these copycat Gold's Gym apparel fall apart, ours stay strong. T. Micheal is committed to providing the best workout gear and fitness apparel on the market. There's a reason why we've been around for so long.

Gold's Knows What You Want - Whether it's a stylish set of workout pants or a bodybuilding shirt, Gold's Gym has decades of experience crafting some of the best apparel in the fitness industry. The iconic bald muscled weight lifter is a logo recognized all over the world. Its bodybuilder hoodies and gym shorts are sought after by weightlifting and fitness enthusiasts of all levels. The bodybuilding tank tops and fitness sweatpants are popular and always flying off the shelves.

More Than Apparel - While Gold's Gym workout clothes are legendary, they are only one small part of the Gold's Gym brand. You've got to have something to put your fitness apparel in and Gold's Gym standard gym bags and drawstring gym bags are known for their quality and durability. Gold's Gym bags are spacious and can handle all your workout gear and more. The drawstring bags are compact and there's also backpacks for people who just need to grab and go.

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