Gorilla Wear Gear & Shoes

Gorilla Wear is designed for those "motivated" to get healthy and has been staple gym apparel since the 1980s. This isn't a clothing line for the occasional weightlifter or athlete. Gorilla Wear is only for those committed to being the best in everything that they do. We feature officially licensed Gorilla Wear short sleeve shirts, classic tank tops and the popular Stripe Stretch Tank Top. Its fitness apparel is top of the line. Is Gorilla Wear for you? Don't settle for second best, get Gorilla Wear athletic wear today.
Made For Excellence - When you want the strength of a gorilla, you have to have the right apparel. Gorilla Gear is made from the finest quality fabric and is designed for the person that goes that extra mile. It doesn't matter if you want the classic tank top or short sleeve shirt. We have the right fitness apparel for you. When you want the best, then you need Gorilla Gear. Don't be fooled into accepting anything less.

100 Percent Authentic - Make sure you choose 100 percent authentic Gorilla Gear or else you could be getting an inferior product. T. Micheal prides itself in offering the lowest possible prices. If you see it for a lower price, then be careful you're not getting something counterfeit. Fitness apparel needs to stand the test of time and knock-offs won't last long. True Gorilla Gear will last you years of intense workouts and weight lifting.

Everything You Need - T. Micheal has a wide selection of athletic apparel and workout shirts for you. Gorilla wear classic tank tops come in many colors, so you'll look great out on the gym floor. We also have the stretch tank tops too. If you need it, then we have it. Don't forget to choose T. Micheal for all your fitness gear. Our prices and quality selection is unmatched. Check out our Otomix Gear.