BodyBuilding Shorts - T. Micheal, World Gym, Powerhouse Gym, NPC & Zubaz

Wearing the right clothes to the gym can make a huge difference in the quality of your workout. When battling with poor fitting shorts, it's hard to concentrate on handling your weights effectively and safely.

When on the lookout for men's workout shorts, don't settle for second best. We'll ship your shorts right to your home, so you can tackle your next workout in style and comfort.
NPC Fleece Shorts
Regular price:$42.95
Sale price:$32.95 Save 23%
T. Micheal Performance Baggy Walking Shorts- # 945- Factory Direct
Regular price:$40.95
Sale price:$29.95 Save 27%
T. Micheal Camo Basic Workout Shorts- Style # 944- Factory Direct
Regular price:$29.95
Sales Price:$19.95 Save 33%
T. Micheal Basic Work Out Shorts- Style 935
Regular price:$29.95
Sale price:$21.95 Save 27%
T. Micheal Work Out Shorts with Pockets- Factory Direct- #924
Regular price:$36.95
Sale Price:$24.95 Save 32%
Powerhouse Gym Basic Workout Short
Regular price:$29.95
Sale price:$21.95 Save 27%
World Gym Basic Workout Short
Regular price:$29.95
Sale price:$21.95 Save 27%
NPC Dazzle Short
Regular price:$31.95
Sale price:$26.95 Save 16%
Zubaz Shorts: Navy/Orange Zubaz Zebra Shorts
Regular price:$32.99
Sale:$27.95 Save 15%
Zubaz Shorts: Blue/Red Zubaz Zebra Shorts- Sold Out
Regular price:$32.99
Sale:$27.95 Save 15%
3 Pack Basic Shorts- Assorted Manufacturers
Regular price:$89.85
Sale price:$65.85 Save 27%
A key component to finding the right workout clothes is choosing the right men's workout shorts. We offer a variety of styles and colors to fit every personality and need.

Jogging/ Running/ Sports: If you are looking for a high-quality pair of workout shorts, then the T. Micheal basic workout shorts are a great option. These cotton shorts are designed to handle intense workouts including running and jogging. With an elastic waistband and three-inch inseam, you'll be comfortable and covered no matter what workout you do. If you want a pair that's longer and works well with sports, then the T-Micheal workout athletic shorts are the perfect choice. With a 10-inch inseam, drawstring waistband and deep side-pockets, they are ideal for hitting the gym for a quick jog or heading out to the basketball court.

Weightlifting: Strength Training: If you are looking for a pair of breathable shorts that stand up during intense strength training routines, then you'll love T. Micheal workout shorts. These jersey shorts are designed to take moisture away from your body and provide a comfortable workout. You'll move freely and can adjust the drawstring waistline for the perfect fit. If you want to get a good boxing workout in, then check out the comfortable basic gym shorts. Made from cotton with a shorter 3-inch inseam, you'll have freedom of movement, and get the right support for an intense battle.