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It's time to become part of the National Physique Community with NPC Activewear. We are proud to offer a wide selection of officially licensed NPC fitness apparel. NPC has a unique style that is both classic and innovative. Its performance workout shorts and fleece shorts are comfortable. Its tank tops and performance workout tops are second to none. Don't let these deals on officially licensed bodybuilding clothes and fitness apparel pass you by.
NPC 100% Cotton Stringer Tank -NPC1001
Regular price:$27.95
Sale price:$21.95 Save 21%
NPC Long Sleeve Camo Thermal Top
Regular price:$48.95
Sale price:$38.95 Save 20%
NPC Embroidered Sweatshirt
Regular price:$59.95
Sale price:$39.95 Save 33%
NPC Interlock Ribbed Tank Top- Style #NPC-1020
Regular price:$28.95
Sale price:$21.95 Save 24%
NPC USA Muscle Sleeveless Lycra Top- NPC1010
Regular price:$39.95
Sale Price:$28.95 Save 28%
NPC Fat Strap Cotton Tank Top w/ Biceps Logo
Regular price:$26.95
Sale price:$21.95 Save 19%
NPC Interlock Polyester Sleeveless Top
Regular price:$29.95
Sale price:$24.95 Save 17%
NPC Stringer Camo Tank Top- NPC1002
Regular price:$28.95
Sale price:$21.95 Save 24%
NPC Rag Top- NPC1004
Regular price:$32.95
Sale Price:$28.95 Save 12%
NPC Sleeveless Plaid Top- NPC1006
Regular price:$41.95
Sale Price Price$32.95 Save 21%
NPC Short Sleeve Plaid Top
Regular price:$41.95
Sale price:$32.95 Save 21%
NPC Baggy Pants
Regular price:$49.95
Sale price:$34.95 Save 30%
NPC Performance Work Out Pants II
Regular price:$49.95
Sale price:$39.95 Save 20%
NPC Performance Work Out Shorts
Regular price:$42.95
Sale price:$32.95 Save 23%
NPC Fleece Shorts
Regular price:$42.95
Sale price:$32.95 Save 23%
NPC Dazzle Short
Regular price:$31.95
Sale price:$26.95 Save 16%
NPC "Poor Boy" Ribbed Baggy Pants
Regular price:$59.95
Sale price:$39.95 Save 33%
Internationally Known Brand - If you go into a gym in England or here in the states, then they'll know the NPC brand. You'll walk in with a badge of honor that says you take bodybuilding and your physique seriously. Its unique and attractive logo shows you know quality both in and out of the gym. It's fitness clothing that can't be beat.

Don't Settle for Anything Less - sells only officially licensed NPC apparel. If you find it less expensive anywhere else, then be careful you're not getting a knockoff. There are unscrupulous distributors out there that take advantage of people by selling inferior products made from inferior materials. By ordering from T. Michael, you know you're getting the best possible products that last for years. Cheaper materials break down faster, so you may save a few dollars now, but in six months, you'll need to buy a whole her shirt. That won't happen with T.

An Array of Styles - One of the aspects that separates NPC from the rest is there wide variety of colors and style. It doesn't matter if you want something simple and classic or neon and vibrant, NPC has something for you. They have several choices in muscle sleeveless Lycra and even NPC embroidered sweat shirts.

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