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When you head to the gym, finding the right sweatshirt can help save time, keep you comfortable and let you move freely. We sell several different styles from fleece-lined hoodies to sleeveless hoodies that are perfect for a quick workout. Sweatshirts are an excellent solution when you want to be comfortable and warm, but have the flexibility to quickly unhood to cool off. Workout hoodies are a great option for the exerciser on the go.
T. Micheal Lightweight Hoodie- Style 101HH
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T. Micheal Tye Dye Hoodie # 209H- Factory Direct
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T. Micheal Sleeveless Fleece Hoodie- Style 201HSL- Factory Direct
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We offer a variety of workout hoodies for different occasions including:

Sleeveless: Sleeveless sweatshirts are a great option if you want to keep your body temperature up while you exercise, without overheating. Toss on the hood to keep your head warm, and let your arms swing as you jog, box or lift. For a heavier duty option, try the Sleeveless Fleece Hoodie, which offers a warmer body and hood. You still get the convenience of a sleeveless shirt for working out and lifting and the of benefit of added warmth. It's perfect for those early-morning jogs.

Zippered Hoodie: Hoodies with a zipper are an ideal solution when you want to warm up, but don't want the bulkiness of a coat. Toss on this hoodie when you head out to your sports game or when you want to jog or play outside. This heavy-duty sweatshirt keeps you warm while offering the flexibility of a sweatshirt. The fur lining keeps you extra toasty when you face the cold morning air.

Traditional Hoodie: If you're into the classics, then you'll love our selection of traditional-style hoodies, which come in several different colors and sizes from medium to 3XL. The drawstring hoodie offers a light-weight fabric lined with jersey. The crisscross tie provides more options, so you get the perfect fit whenever you put on your new hoodie. If you want something with a little more viewing power, then try our tie-died hoodies, which come in black, orange and blue. You'll stay warm, comfortable and get plenty of attention when you head out in these nod-to-yester-year styled sweatshirts.